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FS-60CB Main Accessories

FS-60 tube holder


The tube holder for FS-60 is essential for the fixing of the tube on a mounting or guidance systems TGM. It has the 2 holes for fixing on Takahashi mountings as well as Kodak screw pitch for fixing on a photo tripod. Moreover, it is equipped with a Kodak screw intended to receive a SLR/DSLR camera for a parallel connection.

Flattener F/6,2 n°80


This flattener allows photographers to obtain a perfectly flat field at prime focus. Its use is strongly recommended for wide-field imaging. Note however that it increases focal ratio very slightly, from 5.9 to 6.2. The corrector is screwed at prime focus of the refractor. See the main system-chart for his implementation.

Extender-C2X n°60


To lengthen the focal distance of the FS-60, you can equip it with the Extender-C2X. It can be used at the same time into visual and imaging purposes. See the specific system-chart for the various assemblies.


Camera Angle Adjuster (CAA) n°6


The camera angle adjuster is a device that allows you to turn the accessories installed at prime focus of the OTA, in particular cameras for framing. This accessory has to be screwed before all the others at FS-60 prime focus. Its use is imperative for the photo assemblies (see the general system-chart for more details).