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Takahashi FSQ-106ED specifications

Optical specifications

Spec. FSQ-106ED
Optical design Modified Petzval quadruplet apochromat
Aperture 106 mm
Focal length 530 mm
Focal ratio F/5.0
Resolution 1.09"
Limiting magnitude 11.8
Light grasp 220x
Image circle 88 mm
Photo field 9.5°
Back focus 186.38 mm
Metal back 178 mm
With Extender-Q 1.6x
Focal length 850mm
Focal ratio F/8
Image circle 44 mm
Photo field
Metal back 117.5 mm
With QE-Reducer
Focal length 385mm
Focal ratio F/3.6
Image circle 44mm
Photo field 6.5°
Metal back 72.2 mm

Mecanical specifications

Longitudinal view (distance in mm)

Takahashi FSQ-106ED longitudinal view
Spec. FSQ-106ED
Tube length (mini/maxi) 580mm/675mm (with standard accessories)
Tube diameter 125mm
Tube weight 7 kg