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Main features

The FSQ-85ED modified Petzval quadruplet design is the same as the FSQ-106ED one. It has a built-in flattener inside the optical tube, offering a field of 5.6°, essential for taking quality pictures. It is thus not necessary to add any other optional accessory. With a focal length of 450mm, the image circle is 44mm width. The addition of a 0.73x focal reducer makes it possible to change the focal ratio from 450mm (F/5.3) into 328mm (F/3.9). It then becomes a true teleobjective for the deep sky.

The FSQ-85ED is equipped with an oversized rack-and-pinion focuser, just like the 106ED. However, the camera angle adjuster has been taking apart from the focuser to come back to a more traditional position where accessories are screwed on focuser tube.
The rack-and-pinion has been oversized on purpose to gain in precision and effectiveness. This focuser is a model of precision. It is driven by two focus wheels with a 1/7 microfocuser.

Although its design resolutely directs it towards astrophotography, the FSQ-85ED can be equipped with various accessories including those for observation. Please go to the system-charts section to see the different possible options. With a 220mm back focus, no matter which accessory you will pick up, you will have different choices of uses and assemblies.
The FSQ-85ED has a specific focal reducer (see the Accessories section) that deep-sky astrophotographers, wishing to have a very large field, will enjoy.