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Takahashi SKY-90 main accessories

SKY-90 tube holder


The tube holder for SKY-90 is essential for the fixing of the tube on a mounting. It has the 2 holes for fixing on Takahashi mountings as well as Kodak screw pitch for fixing on a photo tripod. Moreover, it is equipped with a Kodak screw intended to receive a SLR/DSLR camera for a parallel connection.

F/4.5 reducer for SKY-90


The SKY-90 can be equipped with a focal reducer, making pass focal ratio from 5.6 to 4.5. It becomes a very open, ideal astrograph thus for wide field imaging. The reducer acts also as a field corrector, ensuring you a perfect flatness for imagers equipped with large sensors. The main SKY-90 system-chart provides all assemblies available with this accessory.

Extender-Q 1.6x


Extender-Q 1.6x enables you to lengthen the focal distance of the SKY-90 for lunar or planetary uses, from 500mm to 800mm. A set of optical accessories and extension tubes offer many combinations, for visual and photographic uses (see the system-chart of the Extender-Q for details).


Camera angle adjuster (CAA) n°6


The camera angle adjuster is a device that allows you to turn the accessories installed at prime focus of the OTA, in particular cameras for framing. This accessory has to be screwed before all the others at SKY-90 prime focus (see the general system-chart for more details). It is recommended only for the photographic use.