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Main accessories for TG-SP-II EQ mount

Polar finder


To carry out a precise polar alignment of the Teegul Sky-Patrol II (no matter which model), Takahashi proposes this polar finder, to be fixed on the side of the mount. It is equipped with an extremely precise reticle and alignment screws.

Counterweight kit


In its initial version, the TG-SP2 can support light OTAs, like FS-60 type. If you wish to carry heavier telescope OTA, up to 3 kg, it is strongly recommended to equip Teegul with a counterweight (and counterweight shaft), in order to balance the assembly perfectly and not to force on the drive motor. Moreover, this new configuration makes it possible to obtain a better clearance on both axes, in particular to reach the zenith point.

Adjustable adapter for tripod


The elevation adjustment of Teegul mount during the polar alignment procedure is carried out either by adjusting the height of the tripod leg on which the mount is fixed, or by regulating the elevation of this adjustable adapter. It is equipped with a Kodak screw at its base and on top. A knurled with socket head screw makes it possible to block the elevation when the alignment is finished.

Equatorial wedge


This equatorial wedge offers a fix slope of 45° ; the additional adjustment with the latitude of the location is carried out by acting on the height of the tripod leg on which mount is fixed. The main advantage is the extreme stability of the assembly, without any flexion, which allows the use of mount in real equatorial mode (with counterweight) up to its maximum loading capacity.

Camera adapter


Teegul can be easily converted into photographic equatorial mount using this support. It will replace the base usually used for the installation of the tube ring. It thus becomes possible to carry out images, without guiding, with SLR/DSLR or CCD cameras equipped with short focal length lenses. This is ideal for amateurs of constellations and stellar wide fields.