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Main features

Standard assembly

Modularity is the keyword of the Teegul Sky-Patrol II mount. Very compact, entirely dismountable and easily transportable, it is definitely a multi-purpose tool for the traveler. The standard version can be fixed on a classical photo tripod via a Kodak 1/4-25" screw, without having to use any other accessory.
Low clearance makes it possible to fix a SLR/DSLR camera or a short OTA, without requiring any balancing. The polar alignment is carried out simply by inclining the tripod or by adding an optional equatorial wedge (item #TSV60100, see opposite picture). The integrated motor drive with handbox ensures a traditional equatorial tracking. The mount is equipped with knobs allowing slow motions in both axes.

Assembly with optional counterweight

In order to install the counterweight kit, you will have to change position of the various TG-SP2 units. Indeed, it is possible to assemble/dismount all the mount elements in order to modify its configuration. This configuration's change makes it possible to obtain a true small compact equatorial mount, able to accept small telescope OTAs up to 3kg.
As on the standard assembly, polar alignment is possible by either using an adaptation head with adjustable latitude (#TSK60100, see opposite picture) or an 45° equatorial wedge (#TSV60100).


Motor drive has been redesigned for the new version, with a new handbox, more functional, which not only makes it possible to control the integrated motor in RA but also includes other mount basic functions such as the adjustment of slewing speeds within the Northern or Southern hemisphere. Mount power supply is provided by 6V batteries that are located in a dedicated case inside the handbox (batteries are not provided).