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Takahashi TOA-150 main accessories

TOA-RD F/5.8 Reducer


The TOA-150 can be equipped with a focal reducer, giving the possibility for focal ratio to go from 7.3 to 5.7. Thus, you have a faster refractor, for wide field imaging. The reducer acts also as a field corrector, ensuring you a perfect flatness for imagers equipped with large sensors. The assemblies with the reducer are available in TOA-150 RD specific system-chart.


Extender-TOA 1.6x


For uses requiring more focal length, like planet or deep-sky short objects viewing and imaging, Extender-TOA makes it possible to lengthen the focal by 1.6x, from 1100mm (F/7.3) to 1760mm (F/11.7). Extender restores, at exit, a standard barrel of 50.8mm. It thus becomes possible to add other visual or photographic accessories to it (see the specific system-chart linked above).


35-FL Flattener


The TOA-FL35 flattener allows you to obtain a flat field for imaging, on the 40mm of image circle. That makes it possible to cover most modern CCD sensors, without aberrations at the edge of field. Please, refer to TOA-150 FL35 specific system-chart to know the assemblies available behind the flattener.


645-RD F/5.6 Reducer


Specific to the TOA-130F and TOA-150 refractors, the 645-RD reducer is simply an optical piece of art, as only Takahashi can conceive some. On the TOA-150, it reduces the focal length of 1100mm (F/7.3) to 840mm (F/5.6). The deep-sky wide-field astrophotographers will make this accessory as a first choice.


67-FL Flattener


The 67-FL flattener can be used for both TOA-130F and TOA-150 refractors. It is delivered with the #83 coupling ring, common with these 2 telescopes, and with a TOA-specific #82 extension tube (see the system-chart for item numbers). It enables you to obtain a flat field, whatever the device of imagery you are connecting with.