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Takahashi TSA-102 main features


The TSA-102 is equipped with an apochromatic objective with ED triplet of 102mm of aperture (F=816mm, F/8), set in a simple barrel. This barrel ensures a good stability of the opto-mechanics chain against the usual constraints of transport and against the important variations of temperature of use. The TSA-102N is proposed with a fixed dew shield while the TSA-102S has a retractable dew shield.


The short tube of the TSA-102 (717mm without the delivered extension tube) facilitates its transport. It allows also the use of many kind of accessory assemblies, especially for those using important length (230mm of backfocus, see the Specifications section). The assemblies of screwed accessories, recommanded by Takahashi, are still possible (see System-charts section). However, the standard 50.8mm adapter universalizes the TSA-102 without option, even if the use of the optional camera angle adjuster (CAA) is highly recommended.


The reading of the system-charts gives a good idea of the sphere of activities of the TSA-102. The addition of the optional field corrector allows imaging at prime focus with the F/8 default focal ratio. The TOA-RD reducer (F/6) gives to it more ease in wide field astrophotography. All the assemblies fulfill the requirements of rigidity and flexibility needed by the new imaging devices, such as the SLR/DSLR or CCD cameras.