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Takahashi TSA-102 optical features

Optical design and TSA-102/FS-102 compared chromatic correction

Takahashi has developed an air-spaced ED triplet objective (3 lenses in 3 groups). This triplet consists of a lens of ED glass (S-FPL53) laid out between 2 crown lenses air-spaced by a mean chock. Alike the TOA objective, optics have been designed and calculated according to the high requirements of the current numerical imaging.
The change of optical design between FS-102 and TSA-102 has no spoiled the chromatic correction, on the contrary. This new ED design shows its full effectiveness, including in the intransigeant planetary imaging use.

Spot diagrams

The spot-diagrams give a good idea of the results obtained on the image circle, whether it is at prime focus or behind optical accessories. The 35-FL field corrector shows all its effectiveness in wide field imaging with DSLR cameras, for example.