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Takahashi TSA-120 specifications

Optical specifications

Spec. TSA-120
Optical design Triplet Super Apo
Optical mounting Air spaced
Glass types ED et Crown
Optical coatings Multicouche BBAR (BroadBand anti-reflection)
Aperture 120mm
Focal length 900mm
Focal ratio F/7.5
Resolution 0.97"
Visual limiting magnitude 12.1
Light grasp 293x
Image circle NA
Photo field NA
With TOA35-FL field flattener
Focal length 882mm
Focal ratio F/7.3
Image circle 40mm (60% non-vignetted)
Photo field 2.6° @ 40mm image circle
Spot sizes 7µm RMS @ center of field
7µm RMS @ 10mm off-axis
7µm RMS @ 20mm off-axis
With TOA35-RD reducer
Focal length 672mm
Focal ratio F/5.6
Image circle 40mm (60% non-vignetted)
Photo field 3.4° @ 40mm image circle
Spots size 4µm RMS @ center of field
6µm RMS @ 10mm off-axis
13µm RMS @ 20mm off-axis

Mechanical specifications

TSA-120 - Longitudinal view (lengths in mm) of the rack-and-pinion focuser

Longitudinal view of the Takahashi TSA-120 rack-and-pinion focuser


Spec. TSA-120
Tube length (mini/maxi) 990mm
Tube diameter/dew-shield diameter 125mm/160mm
Tube weight 6.7 kg