Eyepiece Erfle 28 mm


As with the Abbe eyepieces, Takahashi is rejuvenating the brand's iconic eyepiece designs, adapting them to the best glasses and optical treatments of the moment. The Erfle 28mm is part of this renewal; it is the direct descendant of the Er-32mm screwing lens proposed by Takahashi in the 1970s.

Based on the original century-old design by Heinrich Erfle, this eyepiece has 5 lenses divided into 3 groups and offers an apparent field of view of approximately 60 degrees. This value is not insignificant since it corresponds to the natural monocular field of vision, i.e. the limiting field of vision that a person has with only one eye when the head remains motionless. From a mechanical point of view, this is the optimal field for eyepieces inserted in a 31.75 mm barrel. Even though the Erfle formula does not provide perfect field correction, its simplicity, reduced number of lenses and the use of the best glasses and optical coatings provide sharp, high-quality images with a minimum of aberrations and ghosts.

Used with a Takahashi FS-60CB refractor, the Erfle 28 mm eyepiece gives a magnification of 12.6 times, slightly higher than the recommended minimum magnification. The field of view is stunning and covers an area of sky equivalent to a pair of binoculars. It is therefore a very interesting accessory for observing large star clusters and comets with short focal length telescopes.

The eyepiece is equipped with a retractable rubber eyecup and a M28.5 female thread for filters. It is made in Japan.


Takahashi Erfle 28mm eyepiece

Characteristic Takahashi Erfle 28mm eyepiece
Item number TATKA00611
Focal length 28 mm
Apparent field of view 60 degrees
Eye relief 20 mm
Barrel 1.25" (31.75 mm)
Diameter 40 mm
Height 77 mm
Weight 140 g