AZ Guidescope Mount (black)


For astrophotography, it is often necessary to attach a guiding instrument in parallel to the main optical tube that will take the pictures. The adjustment of the perfect parallelism of the two optics becomes delicate in certain uses. For this purpose, Takahashi proposes a parallel support plate equipped with micrometric movements; pointing at the same target with the main optical tube and the guiding optical tube becomes a child's play.

The Takahashi AZ Guidescope Mount has 2 fine movements with double knobs, one for azimuth adjustment, the other for tilt adjustment. The gearing is large and the movements are smooth, making pointing very accurate. The range of movement is 10° in azimuth and 5° in height.

The bottom side has 2 M6 threads, 35mm centres, and a central 3/8"-16 thread with a Kodak size insert (1/4"-20). The top side has 2 M8 threads, 35 mm centres, and a removable insert with a Kodak size screw (1/4"-20). It is therefore possible to screw directly a simple or symmetrical cradle of a small optical tube such as the FS-60CB, the L-shaped support of the Takahashi GT-40 guide or the male base of a finder guidescope.


Takahashi AZ Guidescope Mount (black)

Characteristic Takahashi AZ Guidescope Mount (black)
Lower plate 2 x M6 threads, 1 x 3/8"-16 thread, 1 x 3/8"-16 to 1/4"-20 thread converter
Upper plate 2 x M8 threads, 1 x 1/4"-20 screw
Color Black
Dimensions 110 x 81 x 59 mm
Weight 680 g