CA35 C2X Camera Adapter (FS-60)

A Takahashi CA35 camera adapter specific to C2X Barlow lens

The Takahashi CA35 photo adapter for C2X is intended for imaging. It allows you to attach DSLRs, CCD cameras and video cameras behind the Takahashi C2X Barlow lens.

The input mechanical interface has a M43x0.75 male thread. The output mechanical interface has a T-thread (M42 x 0.75), male. The adapter is screwed directly at the end of the Takahashi C2X Barlow lens and accepts all standard T rings. A 7 mm thick M43 counter ring is delivered, which allows you to center pictures if needed. Because of this counter ring, the metal back distance is variable, from 17 mm to 21 mm; the 2X magnification ratio is thus slightly modified.

The reference surfaces, in and out, are shown on the schematic of the Characteristics section. We invite you to refer to the system-charts that are specific to your Takahashi telescope to know what kind of assemblies is possible.


Mechanical characteristics

Characteristic Camera adapter for Takahashi C2X Barlow lens
Item number TKA00205
Mechanical input M43 x 0.75 thread, male
Mechanical output T-thread (M42 x 0.75), male
Metal back distance Variable from 17 mm to 21 mm
Dimensions Height : 31 mm. Diameter : 51 mm
Weight 50 g

Half-section schematic view

Mechanical input, mechanical output and metal back distance of the camera adapter for Takahashi C2X Barlow lens