FS-60 Wide T-ring - Four Thirds

The Four Thirds system digital camera adapter for Takahashi FS-60 refractor

The so-called "T-ring" is an indispensable accessory for anyone who wants to attach a digital camera to the optical tube of a telescope. Specific to the brand of camera, it ensures the connection between the camera body and the photo adapter of the instrument. Each ring has a specific length that ensures a fixed distance of 56.2 mm between the camera sensor and the bearing surface of the instrument's photo adapter.

Takahashi Wide FS-60 T-rings have a larger M52x0.75 threaded inlet diameter than the standard T-rings (M42x0.75). They are mainly intended for mounting DSLRs on the small focusing system of the FS-60, FOA-60 and FC-76DCU refractors. This larger diameter makes it possible to use cameras equipped with all APS's format sensors without vignetting, whereas the standard T-ring just covers hardly the APS-C format. The 52 mm diameter is therefore a compromise to cover a maximum field with the small focuser of these instruments. However, it should be remembered that for these cameras to be fully usable, it is imperative that either the instrument itself or its corrector or reducer has a minimum corrected image circle covering the APS-C format. Please refer to the system-charts of each instrument for the choice of the T-ring according to the desired mounting.

Takahashi Wide FS-60 T-rings are composed of 2 elements: a central ring with a female M52 x0.75 thread on the input side and a brand specific camera bayonet on the output side. If necessary, it is possible to remove the central ring and replace it by a model offering either a female M42x0.75 thread (the ring becomes a "Standard T-ring"), or a female M54x0.75 male thread (the ring becomes a "Wide T-ring").


Main characteristics

Characteristic Takahashi FS-60 Wide T-ring - Four Thirds
Item number TKA00239
Mechanical input M52x0.75, female
Mechanical output Four Thirds-mount, male
Weight -