Wide T conversion ring

Converts conventional T-rings (M42x0.75 female), of all brands except Canon, to wide field T-rings (M54x0.75 male)

These rings convert any classic Takahashi T-ring (M42x0.75 female input) into a wide field T-ring (M54x0.75 male input) for mounting on M54 threaded CA-35 photo adapters. Mounting is extremely simple. You just have to remove the core of the classic T-ring, held by 3 small side screws, and replace it by this conversion ring.

The conversion ring has an M48x0.75 internal thread for use with 50.8mm mounted filters. However, some ring mountings before the T-ring make their attachment impossible or even harmful; we invite you to refer to the system-charts of your instrument for possible mounting incompatibilities.

Warning! Two models are available because the diameter of the core of the Takahashi T rings is different according to the brand of the camera: 52 mm diameter for the Canon EF T-ring (#TKA00242), 49 mm diameter for those of other brands (#TKA00240).

A classic T-ring can be disassembled in two parts. In the case of a ring intended for Nikon DSLRs with F-mount, simply replace the center of the T-ring with the TKA00240 conversion ring to transform a classic Nikon F T-ring (#TKA00220), with M42x0.75 female thread, into a wide field Nikon F T-ring (#TKA00230), with M54x0.75 male thread.


Main characteristics

Characteristic Takahashi Wide T conversion ring
Item number TATKA00240
Mechanical input M54x0.75, male
Mechanical output 49mm diameter, male
Weight -

Half-section schematic view

Mechanical input and mechanical output of the Takahashi Wide T conversion ring