Wide T-ring - Canon EF

The Takahashi M54 ring for full-frame DSLR equipped with Canon EF-mount

The so-called "T-ring" is an indispensable accessory for anyone who wants to attach a digital camera to the optical tube of a telescope. Specific to the brand of camera, it ensures the connection between the camera body and the photo adapter of the instrument. Each ring has a specific length that ensures a fixed distance of 56.2 mm between the camera sensor and the bearing surface of the instrument's photo adapter.

Takahashi Wide T-rings have a larger M54x0.75 threaded inlet diameter than the standard T-rings (M42x0.75). This larger diameter makes it possible to use full-frame cameras without vignetting, whereas the standard T-ring only just covers the APS-C format. However, it should be remembered that for these cameras to be fully usable, it is imperative that either the instrument itself or its corrector or reducer has a minimum corrected image circle of 43.3 mm in diameter, which is necessary to cover the 24x36 format. Please refer to the system-charts of each instrument for the choice of the T-ring according to the desired mounting.

Takahashi Wide T-rings are composed of 2 elements: a central ring with a male M54x0.75 thread on the input side and a brand specific camera bayonet on the output side. If necessary, it is possible to remove the central ring and replace it by a model offering either a female M42x0.75 thread (the ring becomes a "Standard T-ring"), or a female M52x0.75 thread (the ring becomes a "Wide FS-60 T-ring" intended for the Takahashi FS-60 refractor).


Main characteristics

Characteristic Takahashi Wide T-ring - Canon EF
Item number TATKA00233
Mechanical input M54x0.75, male
Mechanical output Canon EF-mount, male
Weight 50 g

Half-section schematic view

Mechanical input/output of the Takahashi Wide T-ring - Canon EF