Adapter 50.8 mm / 31.75 mm (DM)

Mechanical reducer to change an eyepiece holder from 2.0" to 1.25" diameter

This mechanical reducer is used to change from a 2.0" (50,8 mm) eyepiece holder diameter to a 1.25" (31,75 mm) diameter one

The input mechanical interface is 2.0" (50.8 mm) diameter, male. The output mechanical interface is 1.25" (31.75 mm) diameter, female. The accessories are tightened by means of two knurled screws. The Takahashi DM reducer has a safety groove.

The reference surfaces, in and out, are shown on the schematic of the Characteristics section.


Mechanical characteristics

Characteristic Takahashi 2" to 1.25" adapter (DM)
Item number TKA00111
Mechanical input 2.0" (50.8 mm) diameter, male
Mechanical output 1.25" (31.75 mm) diameter, female
Metal back distance 10.8 mm
Dimensions Height : 24 mm. Diameter : 56 mm
Weight 70 g

Half-section schematic view

Mechanical input, mechanical output and metal back distance of the Takahashi 2" to 1.25" adapter (DM)