Cradle 95S with balancing plate


Cradles are the standard tube rings for fixing Takahashi optical tube assemblies to the mounts. Footprints of the cradles are adapted to the heads of the Takahashi mounts. They are systematically provided with two 8.8 mm diameter holes; they are fixed to the Takahashi mounts by means of 2 M8 screws, delivered with cradles. The top of the cradle has a small flat surface with a 1/4"-20tpi screw (Kodak). It is possible to attach a camera to it in parallel.

Takahashi cradles are made of cast aluminium. The finishing of each one is done manually. Felt parts ensure the protection of the optical tube.

As on the Takahashi FSQ-106ED and because of its Petzval type optical formula, the FSQ-85EDX has an oversized cell which receives the lenses of the triplet. The whole assembly is heavy and causes a significant weight shift towards the front of the refractor that conventional tube rings, combined with the short optical tube, make impossible to balance on a mount. To move the center of gravity towards the back, Takahashi thus conceived an offset plate specific to the cradle (ref. TKA21420) and the symmetrical cradle (ref. TKA21420G) of the FSQ-85EDX.

The balancing plate is compatible with Takahashi EM-200 mount.


Takahashi 95S cradle (FC-100)

Characteristic Takahashi 95S cradle
Item number TKA21420
Name 95S
Internal Diameter 95 mm
Weight 800 g
Compatibility Takahashi FC-76DS, FC-100 (except DL model), FSQ-85EDX refractors

Footprints of top plate and rings of the Takahashi 95S cradle (FC-100)

Diagram of the balancing plate for 95S cradle

Available configurations

Cradle 95S with balancing plate

Reference : [TKA21420S]
[TKA21420] - Cradle 95S
[TKA37421] - Balancing plate for cradle 95S