Symmetric cradle 68S-GT


Takahashi offers alternative tube holders for some of its telescopes. The symmetrical cradle is a monobloc cradle to which has been added a flat base with holes and threads on the upper part. The aim is to offer a device for fixing accessories for use in parallel with the main optical tube (camera, guiding system, second optical tube, etc.).

Takahashi symetric cradles are made of cast aluminium. The finishing of each one is done manually. Felt parts ensure the protection of the optical tube.


Takahashi 68S-GT symetric cradle (FOA-60)

Characteristic Takahashi 68S-GT symetric cradle
Item number TKA02420G
Name 68S-GT
Internal Diameter 68 mm
Weight 0.5 kg
Compatibility Takahashi FOA-60, FOA-60Q refractors

Footprints of top and bottom surfaces of the Takahashi 68S-GT symetric cradle (FS-60)