Tube rings 179WT

Tube rings 179WT for TOA-150 refractor

Tube rings allow optical tubes and accessories to be mounted parallel to the main instrument. They consist of a pair of rings and a top plate, the length of which varies according to the optical tube. Drillings and threads are made in the top plate for the attachment of accessories.

Tube rings are delivered without bottom plate and without dovetail. Their fit will depend on the brand and kind of the mount used. Takahashi offers plates for mounting on its own mounts; we indicate the item numbers of these plates in the features table. However, it is possible to mount the tube rings on any other plate or dovetail with compatible holes and centre distances.


Takahashi 179WT tube rings

Characteristic Takahashi 179WT tube rings
Item number TKA32420
Name 179WT
Internal Diameter 179 mm
Weight 2.6 kg
Compatibility Takahashi TOA-150 refractor
Recommended plate PTakahashi L-plate (TMP02100)

Footprints of top plate and rings of the Takahashi 179WT (TOA-150) tube rings