Male dovetail bar for Mewlon-210

A universal male dovetail bar in Vixen format to fix Takahashi optical tube assemblies on mounts

Initially designed for the Mewlon-210 optical tube assembly, this dovetail bar can be used to fix Takahashi optical tubes equipped with a monobloc ring on all mounts equipped with a female dovetail saddle in Vixen format, such as Sky-Watcher, iOptron and others.

The bar is in Vixen format. It serves as an interface between the female dovetail saddle in Vixen format of the mount and the monobloc ring of the Takahashi telescope. Simply screw the monobloc ring onto the male dovetail bar using the two M8 threaded holes.

Weight of the dovetail bar : 165 grams.


Diagram of Takahashi Mewlon-210 dovetail bar