Balancing plate for cradle 95S

This plate allows the balancing of the FSQ-85EDX refractor on Takahashi EM-11 and EM-200 mounts.

As on the Takahashi FSQ-106ED and because of its Petzval type optical formula, the FSQ-85EDX has an oversized cell which receives the lenses of the triplet. The whole assembly is heavy and causes a significant weight shift towards the front of the refractor that conventional tube rings, combined with the short optical tube, make impossible to balance on a mount. To move the center of gravity towards the back, Takahashi thus conceived an offset plate specific to the cradle (ref. TKA21420) and the symmetrical cradle (ref. TKA21420G) of the FSQ-85EDX.

The balancing plate is compatible with Takahashi EM-200 mount.


Diagram of the balancing plate for 95S cradle