Cradle adapter for NJP/JP-Z/EM-400

Interface for attaching EM-200 mount plates and dovetails to EM-400, JP-Z and NJP mounts

This interface converts the EM-400 mount head to the EM-200 mount head.

The Takahashi EM-400, EM-500, JP-Z and NJP mounts have a specific and robust system for fixing plates and dovetails using 4 M10 screws. If you wish to fix plates or dovetails compatible with the EM-200 mount, which is fixed with 2 M8 screws, the use of this conversion interface is imperative.


Diagram of the Takahashi EM-400 to EM-200 mounting interface

Available configurations

Cradle adapter for NJP/JP-Z/EM-400

Reference : [TFK22100]
[TAD25010] - 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch tripod adapter (2x)