Mewlon-250 telescope mounting plate on Takahashi EM-400, EM-500, JP-Z and NJP mounts

The CW plate is intended for the installation of the Mewlon-250 telescope on the Takahashi EM-400, EM-500, JP-Z and NJP mounts.

Fixing to the mount head is done by means of 4 M10 screws. The plate has 2 sets of 4 holes with a diameter of 11 mm. It is therefore possible to place the Mewlon-250 on the mount, with or without offset, depending on the accessories to be added, either at the focus of the telescope or parallel to the optical tube.

Weight of the plate : 2.2 kg.


Diagram of CW-Plate for Mewlon-250CRS tube rings