The multi-purpose plate for Takahashi EM-400, EM-500, JP-Z and NJP mounts.

The L-plate is designed for the largest Takahashi, EM-400 and EM-500 equatorial mounts. It is the classic interface to attach the tube rings of the brand's largest optical tubes, such as the TOA-150 or the Mewlon-300CRS. It is also compatible with the old JP-Z and NJP mounts.

Fixing to the mount is done by means of 4 M10 screws. The L-plate has 4 openings for fixing the tube rings, with the possibility of a slight offset for balancing. An additional plate, removable, very modular and equipped with numerous threads, including several M8, allows the accessories to be fixed in parallel with the optical tube to be received. As with the main plate, the accessory plate has openings to facilitate balancing of the assembly.

Weight of the complete plate : 2 kg. Weight of the plate : 1,54 kg.


Takahashi L-plate

Characteristic Takahashi L-plate
Item number TMP02100
Size of the main plate 300 mm x 220 mm
Size of the accessory plate 138 mm x 120 mm
Weight of main plate 1,5 kg
Weight of accessory plate 0,4 kg
Compatibility Takahashi EM-400, EM-500, JP-Z, NJP equatorial mounts

Footprints of Takahashi L-plate (main plate and accessory plate)