The small, lightweight plate for Takahashi EM-11 and EM-200 equatorial mounts.

The S-plate is a small, lightweight plate for the Takahashi EM-200 and EM-11 mounts. It allows to receive all types of tube holders, whether double, classic or symmetrical cradles. The S plate is compatible with the old equatorial EM-10 and EM-2 frames.

Fixing to the mount is by means of 2 M8 screws. The plate has 4 openings for fixing the double clamps, with the possibility of a slight offset for balancing. A pair of offset M8 threaded holes allows the fixing of classic monobloc or symmetrical cradles with, again, a slight offset for balancing. The side plate is fixed. It is equipped with 4 M8 threaded holes for fixing the accessories in parallel with the optical tube or for fixing a small guiding scope like FS-60CB or GT-40 refractors.


Takahashi S-plate

Characteristic Takahashi S-plate
Item number TMP02300
Size of the plate 235 mm x 128 mm x 8 mm
Weight of the plate 0.7 kg
Compatibilityé Takahashi EM-11 and EM-200 equatorial mounts

Footprints of Takahashi S-plate