67FL Flattener (TOA)

The field corrector for large format imaging with TOA-130FB / TOA-150 refractors

Often referred to as a "super-flattener 6x7", the Takahashi 67FL field corrector has superlative mechanical and optical characteristics, an exceptional 90mm diameter corrected image circle, covering medium format, and a weight of 700g. It is designed for use with TOA-130NFB and TOA-150B telescopes equipped with the giant focus system. Historically, Takahashi designed this corrector to enable silver photography with the Pentax 67 camera, whose film surface measured 6 x 7 cm.

The 67FL corrector is equipped with a female M92x1 thread at the telescope side. It is screwed directly onto the output of the Camera Angle Adjuster (CAA). The camera side is with a male M92x1 thread. The output mounts of the corrector are different according to the model of refractor used, in order to obtain the optimal backfocus of 106.2 mm for each optical tube assembly. On the TOA-130NFB, the output ring #82 provides a 25 mm output (TKA31584), while on the TOA-150, the output ring #82 provides a 17 mm output (TKA26583).

Be careful! This field corrector is not compatible with the TOA-130NS refractor because the focusing system of this refractor does not accept accessories with M92x1 threads.

Main characteristics
Design 2 lenses in 2 groups
Input mechanical interface M92x1.0 thread, female
Output mechanical interface M92x1.0 thread, male
Mechanical diameter 97 mm
Total length 58 mm
Weigth 700 g
67FL Flattener
67FL Flattener
67FL Flattener kit for TOA-130F
67FL Flattener kit for TOA-130F
67FL Flattener kit for TOA-150
67FL Flattener kit for TOA-150