FC/FS MFL 1.04x Flattener

The universal field corrector for FC and FS refractors

The multiplication over time of the number of refractors and their associated correctors has made fitting increasingly complex for users of Takahashi equipment. This has been accompanied by increasingly specific combinations of one instrument, due to the very wide variety of imaging accessories to be adapted to the focus.

In order to simplify and rationalise, Takahashi has designed a universal field corrector: the FC/FS MFL "multi-flattener" 1.04x. Neutral in terms of magnification ratio (1.04x), it is intended for all refractors equipped with a Fluorite doublet lens, i.e. those of the FS and FC ranges, new and old models.

The design of this corrector has enabled all of the previous correctors of these refractors to be upgraded and adapted to the constraints of today's digital imaging. It has resulted in a better correction of field flatness and a drastic reduction of blue and red halos, making it possible to obtain images of flatter and more pricked stellar fields, even on older telescopes such as the FC-50, FC-65, FS-102 or FS-152.

Although the corrector is common, it must be used in conjunction with a photo adapter (CA) specific to each FC/FS telescope. The purpose of this ring, of different length for each model of telescope, is to obtain the backfocus necessary for optimal correction of the field of view at the focal plane. There is therefore a camera adapter for each refractor that is compatible with the corrector.

IMPORTANT! The Multi-flattener FC/FS 1.04x is not compatible with SKY90 and FOA-60 telescopes whose optical design of the lens is completely different from that of FC/FS ones.


Takahashi FC/FS MFL1.04x field corrector

Characteristic Takahashi FC/FS MFL1.04x field corrector
Design 2 lenses in 1 group
Mechanical interface (IN) M56x075 thread, female
Mechanical interface (OUT) M52x075 thread, male
Backfocus 40 mm
Mechanical diameter 60 mm
Total length 40 mm
Weight 110 g

Diagram of the focal point position and threads of the Takahashi FC/FS MFL1.04x field corrector

Table of metal back distances

Item number Name of the ring Refractor Value of A
TKA20203 CA-60C FS-60CB 87.5 mm
TKA18203 CA-76 FC-76D, FC-76, FS-78 75.0 mm
TKA19203 CA-100 FC-100D, FC-100 71.2 mm
TKA01203 CA-50 FC-50 84.0 mm
TKA03203 CA-65 FC-60, FC-65 78.0 mm
TKA07203 CA-125 FC-100DL, FS-102, FC-125 69.2 mm
TKA24203 CA-128 FS-128, FS-152 66.2 mm