FL 0.93x Flattener (FOA-60)

The field corrector of Takahashi FOA-60 refractor

This field corrector is specific to the FOA-60 refractor. It provides a corrected image circle of 44 mm in diameter, covering the main photographic sensors on the market. It is composed of 2 lenses, in 2 groups, and causes a very slight reduction in focal length (0.93x), from 530 mm (F/8.8) to 495 mm (F/8.2). This focal length is ideal, for example, for photographing the sun's corona during total eclipses.

The flattener is equipped with a 2'' (50.8 mm) barrel. It can be mounted and dismounted at the focus of the telescope very quickly and allows you to switch easily from a photographic to a visual configuration.

Be careful! This field flattener must not be combined with the 1.7x extender (FS-60Q). If you use the extender, there is no need to add the field corrector.


Takahashi FL0.93X (FOA-60) field corrector

Characteristic Takahashi FL0.93X (FOA-60) field corrector
Optical design 2 lenses (2 groups)
Input mechanical interface 2'' (50.8 mm) barrel
Output mechanical interface M52x075 thread, female
Backfocus length 42 mm
Mechanical diameter 56 mm
Total length 67 mm
Weight 205 g

Diagram of threads and focal point position of the Takahashi FL0.93X (FOA-60) field corrector

Spot-diagram of Takahashi FOA-60 refractor with FL0.93x (FOA-60) field corrector