6x30 finder scope

A small, very bright finder scope with impeccable optical quality

Despite its small-diameter lens (30 mm), the Takahashi 6x30 reticulated finder scope is renowned for its very high luminosity. The finesse of its image and its wide field of view (8° on the sky) make it easy to find stars and celestial objects, even those of low magnitude. The reticle's engraving is very fine, which will not hinder observation in the centre of the field. The focus is made on the eyepiece side and locked by a counter-ring.

The Takahashi 6x30 finder scope is delivered without bracket, which is sold separately. The diameter of the tube is 35 mm. The classical model has a white color.


Main characteristics

Characteristic Takahashi 6x30 finder scope
Item number TKA00551
Diameter of the lens 30 mm
Magnification 6x
Field of view (on the sky)
Diameter of the optical tube 35 mm
Color White
Weight 140 g