Bracket for 7x50 finder scope

Mounting bracket for the 7x50 finder scope on Takahashi telescopes

This support is specific to the Takahashi 7x50 finder scope. It has 3 screws at the front and 3 adjustment screws with a knurled locknut at the rear. The useful diameter of the support is 57 mm. The distance between the mounting screws is 28 mm.

Two M5x12 screws with washers are provided.

CAUTION ! The length of the screws is important. Never use screws longer than 12 mm, as this could cause serious damage to the instrument's focusing system.


Main characteristics

Characteristic Bracket for Takahashi 7x50 finder scope
Item number TKA00563
Useful diameter 57 mm
Distance between mounting screws 28 mm
Size Height : 150 mm. Width : 100 mm. Length : 54 mm.
Weight 200 g
Color Blue