76D focal reducer (FC-76 / FC-100)

The classical focal reducer of Takahashi FC-76D and FC-100D refractors

The 76D RD reducer is dedicated to Takahashi FC refractors: FC-76DC/FC-76DS, FC-100DCU/FC-100DF and FC-100DZ. It is particularly suitable for telescopes equipped with a small-format focusing system similar to that of the FS-60CB.

The mechanical output of the reducer is a M52x0.75 male thread. The mounting of a DSLR is direct, via a brand specific wide field T-ring for FS-60. The classic 56.2 mm mechanical backfocus allows alternative mounting of CMOS and CCD cameras, with or without a filter wheel.

Metal backfocus distance

Diagram of the focal point position of the Takahashi 76D focal reducer

Table of compatibility

Refractor Focal length Focal ratio Corrected image circle
FC-76DCU 417 mm 5.5 36 mm
FC-76DS 417 mm 5.5 36 mm
FC-100DC 540 mm 5.4 30 mm
FC-100DF 540 mm 5.4 30 mm
FC-100DZ 580 mm 5.8 30 mm


Technical characteristics
76D RD focal reducer
Item number TKA18580
Corrected image circle 30 mm/36 mm
Mechanical backfocus distance 56.2 mm
Mechanical interface (input) M56x0.75 thread, female
Mechanical interface (output) M52x0.75 thread, male
Total length 48 mm
Weigth 190 g