Focal Reducer-C (FS-60CB)

The focal reducer for Takahashi FS-60 refractors

The RD C0.72X reducer is dedicated to Takahashi FS-60 refractors: FS-60CB, FS-60Q and old FS-60 models.

The mechanical output of the reducer is a M52x0.75 male thread. The mounting of a DSLR is direct, via a brand specific wide field T-ring for FS-60. The classic 56.2 mm mechanical backfocus allows alternative mounting of CMOS and CCD cameras, with or without a filter wheel.


Main characteristics

Characteristic Takahashi RD C0.72X focal reducer
Item number TKA20580B
Image circle diameter 40 mm
Input mechanical interface M56x0.75 thread, female
Output mechanical interface M52x0.75 thread, male
Metal back distance 56.2 mm
Length 48 mm
Weight 180 g

Metal back distance

Diagram of threads and focal point position of the Takahashi RD C0.72X focal reducer