Epsilon-130ED reflector


The catadioptric telescopes of the Epsilon series are wide-field astrographs with an hyperbolic primary mirror. A corrector is integrated in the rack-and-pinion focuser and allows to obtain a flat field with stars less than 10μm at the edge of the 44mm image circle.

The Epsilon-130D has a focal ratio of F/3.3. Its very short focal length of 430mm offers a field of view of 5.9° and is therefore ideal for imaging large areas of stars and nebulae. Its secondary mirror is mounted on a reinforced spider to avoid any flexion. The rack-and-pinion focuser is equipped with a CAA (Camera Angle Adjuster) for photographic framing.

The collimation of the Epsilon 130D is particularly easy because it does not need to be done on a star. The optical axis is represented by markings on the 2 mirrors. Takahashi has designed a simple collimation eyepiece system particularly adapted to the Epsilon allowing the adjustment of the mirrors in daylight, a big advantage compared to a classical telescope.

Regardless of its photographic qualities, the Epsilon is a first-rate wide-field observation telescope. The observation of star clusters and galaxies will give you intense pleasure due to the fineness of the stars. It proves to be a fabulous instrument for the deep sky and the search for comets. The observation of the Lagoon and Trifide nebulae in the same field is extraordinary and striking.

Optical characteristics
Optical design Modified hyperbolic Newtonian
Combination Hyperbolic primary mirror + flat secondary mirror + field flattener
Diameter 130 mm
At prime focus
Focal length 430 mm
Focal ratio FD 3.3
Image circle diameter 44 mm
Metal Back Distance 56.2 mm
Mechanical characteristics
Length of the optical tube assembly 460 mm
Diameter of the optical tube assembly 166 mm
Weight 4.9 kg

Takahashi Epsilon-130D, Spot-diagram at prime focus



System-chart of the Takahashi Epsilon-130D reflector Télécharger

Instruction manuals

Instruction manual of the Takahashi Epsilon-130D reflector Télécharger

Available configurations

Epsilon-130ED reflector

Reference : [TEK13000]
[TKA00551B] - Finder 6x30 (black)
[TKA00562B] - Finder bracket for 6x30 finder (black)
[TEK13010] - Epsilon-130ED reflector OTA
[TKA69420S] - Tube rings 166WS


The Rosette Nebula by Gérard Thérin

Great Orion Nebula by Gérard Thérin

The Cocoon nebula by Gérard Thérin

The Horsehead nebula by Gérard Thérin

North America and Pelican nebulae by Rémi Petitdemange

IC1848 nebula by Rémi Petitdemange

North America and Pelican nebulae by Rémi Petitdemange

NGC1333 nebula by Tommy Nawratil

The Pleiades by Tommy Nawratil