50.8 mm sleeve for wide T mount

Conversion ring for mounting Takahashi wide T-rings on a 2.0" eyepiece holder

This conversion ring allows you to adapt Takahashi wide T-rings, which own a M54 thread, on any 2.0" (50.8 mm) eyepiece holder.

The input mechanical interface has a 2.0" (50.8 mm) male barrel. The output mechanical interface has a M54 x 0.75 female thread (Takahashi Wide T-mount). An M48.5 x 0.75 female thread is available on the front of the ring for the possible screwing of a 2.0" filter. The backfocus generated by this ring is limited, only 11 mm, which allows to keep a reasonable length when mounting.

The reference surfaces, in and out, are shown on the schematic of the Characteristics section. We invite you to refer to the system-charts that are specific to your Takahashi Mewlon telescope to know what kind of assemblies is possible.


Mechanical characteristics

Characteristic Takahashi 2.0" sleeve for wide T-mount
Item number TKA00207
Mechanical input 2.0" (50.8 mm) male barrel
Mechanical output M54 x 0.75 female thread (Takahashi Wide T-mount)
Metal back distance 11 mm
Dimensions Height : 26 mm. Diameter : 62 mm
Weight 40 g

Half-section schematic view

Mechanical input, mechanical output and metal back distance of the Takahashi 2.0" sleeve for wide T-mount