Image Product Name Reference
50.8 mm sleeve for wide T mount TKA00207
50.8 sleeve n°13 TKP00113
645 RD adapter n°82 TKA36581
645 RD aux. ring n°83 TKA36582
Adapter EX-Q (#62) TKA00588
Adapter n°10 for FOA-60 50.8 eyepiece holder TKP28001
Adapter n°17 to use reducer with F/5.3 TKA31586
Aux. Ring (FB) n°50 TKA61250
Aux. Ring (FB) n°50 (62mm length) TKA27250
Aux. Ring (L) n°81L TKA38206
Aux. Ring (S) n°81S TKA38205
Aux. Ring FB 52 mm (n°50) TKA23250
Aux. Ring n°16 TKP20001
Aux. Ring n°16 (CCA-250) TKP86002
Aux. Ring n°16 (Mewlon-CRS) TKP83002
Aux. Ring n°81 TKA36205
Aux. Ring n°84 for F/3 focal reducer TKA38582
Coupling #4 TKA00724
Coupling (AD) #3 TKA00723
Coupling (CAA) n°5 TKT36001
Coupling (DM) #76 (FSQ-106EDX3) TKA30545
Coupling (DT) n°10 (FSQ-106ED) TKP36001
Coupling (DT) n°10 (FSQ-85EDX) TKP37001
Coupling (L) n°14 TKP00104
Coupling (S) n°14 TKP00103
Coupling (TW) n°8 (CCA-250) TKP86003
Coupling (TW) n°8 (FSQ-106ED) TKP30003
Coupling (TW) n°8 (FSQ-106EDX4) TKP38003
Coupling (TW) n°8 (TOA) TKP31003
Coupling DT n°81 TKP20006B
Coupling n°10 TKP35001
Coupling n°10 (FC-100DF) TKP19001
Coupling n°10 (FSQ-106 Fluorite) TKP30005
Coupling n°10 (FSQ-106EDX3) TKP23001
Coupling n°10 (FSQ-130ED) TKP38001
Coupling n°83 TKA31585
EC ring n°65 TKA00590
EXT coupling n°82 TKA86596
Extension tube (DT) n°81 TKP22005
Extension tube (L) n°12 TKP00106
Extension tube (S) n°11 TKP00105
Extension tube 35mm for turret TKA00105
Extension tube 62mm 50.8 n°71 TKP27112
Extension tube 73mm (L) 50.8 n°71L TKP31112
Extension tube FL (#82) TKA20583
Extension tube n°82 for TOA-130F TKA31584
Extension tube n°82 for TOA-150/FSQ-106EDX3 TKA26583
M71-M72 adapter n°10 TKP81111
M72/M55.9 coupling (#17) TKA19205
M90-M72 adapter n°10 TKP83111
M92-M72 adapter n°10 TKP84111
Mewlon to Schmidt-Cassegrain converter TSC00100
RD adapter (CAA) n°17 TKT36002
RD-EXT Aux. Ring n°81 (CCA-250) TKA86205
RD-EXT aux. Ring n°81 (Mewlon-300CRS) TKA83205
Tapered ring #2 TKA00721
Vari-ring n°19 TKA31581
Vari-tube L (#61-A) TKA00586
Vari-tube S (#61-B) TKA00587
Visual adapter n°10 TKP20005
Visual adapter n°10 (Epsilon-130D) TKP69005
Visual adapter n°10 (Epsilon-180ED) TKP68005
Visual adapter n°12 TKP86005