Visual adapter n°10

Conversion ring M56/M52 to M43 for Takahashi FS-60 refractors

The Takahashi visual adapter (FS-60CB) has two input threads : M56 x 0,75 et M52 x 0,75 (female). The output thread is M43 x 0,75 (female). The metal back distance depends on input thread, 15 mm for M56 and 10 mm for M52. Details about threads and metal back distances are available in the schema of the Characteristics section.


Mechanical specifications

Characteristic Takahashi visual adapter (FS-60CB)
Item number TKP20005
Input side M56 x 0,75 female thread + M52 x 0,75 female thread
Output side M43 x 0,75 female thread
Metal back distance 15 mm (M56) or 10 mm (M52)
Total length 20 mm
Weight 35 g

Diagram of Takahashi visual adapter (FS-60CB)

Diagram of threads and metal back distances of Takahashi visual adapter (FS-60CB) [TKP20005]