FC-100DC refractor


The Takahashi FC-100DC apochromatic telescope is designed around a fluorite doublet at F/D 7.4. It is equipped with a 31.75 mm compact rack-and-pinion focuser, inherited from the FS-60CB. It is much lighter than its big sister FC-100DF, only 2.8 kg compared to 3.6 kg for the FC-100DF. A small mount will be enough to make the most of it. Designed primarily for observation, it still allows the use of small cameras in astrophotography.

Photography at the native focal length of the refractor requires the 76D field corrector (or the multi-flattener). The FC-100DC can also be equipped with the 76D-RD focal reducer.

The user of large sensors, in APS-C or higher format, will prefer the FC-100DF model and its dedicated focal reducer, the FC-35RD.


Takahashi FC-100DC refractor

Caharacteristic Takahashi FC-100DC refractor
Objective Fluorite doublet apochromat
Lens cell Air-spaced doublet. Fluorite in the back
Coatings Hard multicoatings
Diameter 100 mm
At prime focus
Focal length 740 mm
Focal ratio F/7.4
Metal Back Distance 161 mm
With 76D-FL field corrector
Focal length 770 mm
Focal ratio F/7.7
Image circle diameter 35 mm
Metal Back Distance 56.2 mm
With FC/FS MFL1.04X field corrector
Focal length 757 mm
Focal ratio F/7.6
Image circle diameter 44 mm
Metal Back Distance 71.2 mm
With 76D RD focal reducer
Focal length 540 mm
Focal ratio F/5.4
Image circle diameter 30 mm
Metal Back Distance 56.2 mm
With EX-Q1.6X focal extender
Focal length 1185 mm
Focal ratio F/11.9
Metal Back Distance 157 mm
With C2X focal extender
Focal length 1480 mm
Focal ratio F/D 14,8
Metal Back Distance 73 mm

Takahashi FC-100DC refractor

Characteristic Takahashi FC-100DC refractor
Length of the optical tube 815 mm (with fixed dew-shield)
Diameter of the optical tube 95 mm
Diameter of the dew shield 124 mm
Weight 2.8 kg
Focuser Rack-and-pinion

Spot-diagram with Takahashi FC-100D at prime focus

Spot-diagram with Takahashi FC-100D with 76D FL field corrector

Spot-diagram with Takahashi FC-100D with FC/FS MFL1.04X field corrector



System-chart of Takahashi FC-100DC refractor Télécharger
System-chart of Takahashi FC-100DC refractor with Extender Q 1.6X Télécharger
System-chart of Takahashi FC-100DC refractor with Extender C2X Télécharger

Available configurations

FC-100DC refractor

Reference : [TFK10000]
[TKA00551] - Finder 6x30
[TKA00562] - Finder bracket for 6x30 finder
[TKA21420] - Cradle 95S
[TFK10010] - FC-100DC refractor OTA